Senior Citizen Center 50+ In Salem, OR

Center 50+: A Hub for Active Senior Citizens

Living in Salem, Oregon, and over the age of 50? Then Center 50+ is your go-to destination for a vibrant and fulfilling life. This incredible senior citizen center offers a wealth of opportunities for physical and mental well-being, social connection, and lifelong learning.

A Gateway to Activity and Connection

Located at 2615 Portland Rd NE, Center 50+ is a welcoming space bustling with activity. Whether you’re looking to stay active, learn something new, or simply connect with fellow seniors, you’ll find something to pique your interest.

A Diverse Range of Activities and Programs

From fitness classes like yoga and Zumba to art workshops and educational lectures, Center 50+ offers something for everyone. Here’s a glimpse into the diverse range of activities and programs you can enjoy:

  • Physical Fitness: Enhance your physical well-being with a variety of fitness classes, including yoga, Zumba, Tai Chi, and more.
  • Arts and Crafts: Unleash your creativity with classes in painting, drawing, ceramics, jewelry making, and more.
  • Technology and Computer Training: Stay connected and learn new skills with computer classes and workshops.
  • Dance: Get your groove on with ballroom dancing, line dancing, and other dance classes.
  • Games and Clubs: Join a book club, play bridge or chess, or participate in other social activities.
  • Special Events: Enjoy a variety of special events throughout the year, including holiday celebrations, dances, and cultural events.

More Than Just Activities: A Supportive Community

Center 50+ is more than just a place to engage in activities. It’s a vibrant community where you can make new friends, build lasting connections, and find support and encouragement. Whether you’re new to the area or looking to expand your social circle, Center 50+ provides a welcoming environment where you can feel at ease and connect with others who share your interests.

Beyond the Walls: Outreach and Mobile Services

Center 50+ doesn’t confine itself within its four walls. The center also offers outreach services to seniors throughout the community, including:

  • Mobile Senior Center: Also known as the WOW Van (Wellness on Wheels), this mobile unit brings services and activities directly to senior communities and neighborhoods.
  • Transportation Services: Center 50+ provides transportation assistance to help seniors get to and from the center and other appointments.

Center 50+: Your Gateway to a Fulfilling Life

Whether you’re looking to stay active, learn something new, or simply connect with others, Center 50+ is a valuable resource for seniors in Salem. With its diverse range of activities, supportive community, and outreach programs, Center 50+ can help you live a fulfilling and engaged life.

Ready to join the community? Visit the Center 50+ website or call (503) 588-6303 to learn more and get started.

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