Video Sample of Our MedBridge Home Exercise Program (HEP)

Free Home Exercise Program:

We can provide you with a free general exercise program for strength and flexibility with video instructions.

(Note: you do need to sign our HIPAA release form)

Revamp your fitness journey from the comfort of your home or clinic with Video Guided Home Exercise Programs 

at HWY Physical Therapy Clinic 👨‍⚕️🏋️💪 

Designed for everyone, whether you need physical therapy or starting your wellness journey: 

👉🏻 You’ll enjoy: 

✅ Tailored Workouts: Personalized plans aligned with your fitness goals. 

✅ Expert Guidance: Support from seasoned Physical Therapists & Wellness Coaches. 

✅ Convenience: Skip the gym commute and achieve results from home. 

✅ Varied Routines: Diverse exercises for a fun and effective regimen. 

Discovery Visit By Our Doctor Of Physical Therapy

Free visit: if we don't accept your insurnace.

Discovery Visit Includes

Free Screening of Mobility impairments, Weakness, and Fall Risk for all

If we accept your insurance, you will receive:

* A comprehensive Physical Therapy Evaluation and Plan Of Care

*  detailed exercise program with easy-to-follow video instructions

* 24/7 Access to Video instructions, tracking, and quick access to the physical therapist 

* Frequent reminders and follow-ups to help you achieve your goals faster.

Our goal is to motivate your commitment to exercise, driving improved participation for steady progress towards your goals

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